There’s no substitute for experience. Having good people with good information – and knowing what to do with it – is one of the most important competitive edges your company can ever achieve. Southland brings you that edge.


We were founded in 1987 with a single purpose: cost effectively achieve the lowest reasonable property tax assessment, while reducing the burdens of tax administration, for each and every one of our clients. To achieve this purpose, Southland realized more than 25 years ago that we needed to attract and retain the best and brightest people in our industry, and we have.

Our highly experienced team utilizes our proprietary SouthWise™ platform and extensive knowledge of The Texas Property Tax Code, to articulate and support the lowest reasonable property tax values allowed by Texas law, for each of our client’s properties. We have the demonstrated industry experience to help give your business a competitive edge.


Appraisal districts throughout Texas are armed with extensive market data used to “mass appraise” property. The ability to introduce, analyze, rebut and communicate extensive and pertinent market data before appraisal districts and review boards significantly enhances the probability of a successful appeal. Knowledge is power; data is king!

Southland realized this fact more than 25 years ago, and began the implementation of cutting-edge applications and an array of digital services to provide our clients with an edge in appealing their property taxes. The culmination of these efforts resulted in the creation and implementation of our proprietary SouthWise™ platform.

The SouthWise™ platform is a “game changer” that assists our team in applying appraisal theory while analyzing sale data, cash equivalency adjustments, absorption, occupancy, expenses have capitalization rate analysis and other pertinent data. Southland’s experts have utilized their knowledge and the proprietary SouthWise™ platform to generate an impressive appeal success rate that exceeded 90%, with an average reduction of more than 24%, over the last few years.


To cost effectively minimize our client’s property taxes, we take a firm, yet courteous, approach in dealing with assessment authorities. We’ve learned over 25 years that it’s of paramount importance to focus on facts rather than emotional opinions when representing client properties. Likewise, using common sense and effective presentation skills is a necessity when addressing appraisal districts or review boards. With uncompromising devotion to these principles and an extremely thorough and professional approach, we produce an unusually high success rate for our clients.

Southland’s experts have utilized their knowledge and the proprietary SouthWise™ platform to generate an impressive appeal success rate that exceeded 90%, with an average reduction of more than 24%, over the last few years. Real data. Real strategy. Real results.

Go South: The best people. The best data. The best results.

Victory Loves Company, Too. The Best Clients

“We have come to rely on Southland because of their consistent professionalism, proactive customer service, and demonstrated ability to minimize our property taxes. In fact, last year Southland reduced our property tax liability by $1,130,560, which favorably impacted our bottom line. A reliable partner to HCMLP, Southland is highly regarded and recommended.”

– Scott Ellington, General Counsel
Highland Capital Management, L.P.

“Southland provides commercial property tax representation services to many businesses that I’ve worked with over the past years. Southland’s representatives are experienced, professional, and well prepared with the data necessary to defend and support their client’s cases.”

– Dee Kelly, Jr, Managing Partner
Kelly, Hart, & Hallman, LLP

“During the last eight years, Southland saved my company $441,319, significantly reducing my annual expenses and increasing my net operating income. Their representatives are the best in the business and consistently provide best-in-class results. Southland is a valued and proven partner to me and my company.”

– Bruce W. Conti, President
Conti Properties

“We consistently rely on the invaluable experience and knowledge of Southland’s professionals; they are a long time and valued partner of Southwest Bank. Southland is a proven leader in their field of expertise; they get results. For this reason, we highly recommend Southland to anyone in need of commercial property tax representation services.”

– Vernon Bryant, Chairman & CEO
Southwest Bank

“By applying the latest appraisal and analysis techniques, Southland has played a major role in Bell’s cost-containment efforts.”

– Mike Honkomp, Director, Tax
Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.

“Southland has been an excellent resource for ad valorem tax valuations on personal and client matters. They are very responsive, conscientious and cost effective.”

– Pollard Rogers, Managing Partner
Cantey & Hanger, LLP

“Through the successful efforts of Southland, our property tax liability has been significantly reduced. These reductions have favorably impacted our bottom line.”

– David L. Booth, C.P.A.
D.R. Horton Custom Homes

“It has been a great experience working with Southland over the past several years. Southland has cost effectively saved our company a substantial amount of money. My working relationship with them has afforded me the opportunity to concentrate my time on other areas of my business, because I trust Southland’s expertise. Their employees are friendly, courteous, very knowledgeable, and a pleasure to do business with.”

– John David Moritz, President
Moritz Dealerships