Construction in Dallas

Most Changed U.S. Cities Over the Last 10 Years?

Recently, MagnifyMoney took a closer look at the 50 largest U.S. metro areas. Their goal was to find out which areas have undergone the most and least change over the last decade. Their data included nine elements to measure and identify areas of growth, decline or inactivity.

The nine elements included home prices, building permits, crime rates, commute times, income, employment, rent, recent moves, and median age.

Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Houston finished in the top three for most changed. San Antonio landed in the 8th spot for most changed. For those of us who reside in these areas, the results do not come as much of a surprise.

Focusing on Dallas/Fort Worth, the area was in the top 10 for five of the change categories, including employment, recent moves, building permits, house prices and crime rate.

The Highest ranked change in DFW was crime (#4), although MagnifyMoney noted that the area’s crime rate is down 43% since 2006. House prices was (#5). And the Lowest ranked change was Rent (#19).

It is amazing to see the growth in North Texas. Numerous corporations are relocating or expanding their operations here. The skyline is dotted with construction cranes. And homes are being sold almost as fast as they are being built. Yes, there are some headaches that come with this type of growth, but in my opinion, it is a great time to live and work in Dallas/Fort Worth!