• Compile pertinent, property-specific market data
  • Prepare Income, Market and Cost Approaches to Value
  • Prepare Uniformed/Equal Analysis
  • Review appraisal district data used to support Notified Value
  • Determine methodology utilized by assessor to establish value
  • Analyze data to determine appropriate value and assessment range of client property
  • Determine appropriate assessment range of client property

Informal Negotiation

  • Value presentation to assessing authority
  • Negotiate to achieve appropriate appraised value

Formal Appeal

  • Prepare and file all required appeal documentation with the appropriate appraisal board
  • Present case before appraisal review board
  • Advise client of hearing result and recommend the feasibility of pursuing additional relief

Litigation/Binding Arbitration

  • Recommend pursuit of binding arbitration or relief through district court
  • Provide recommendation, and coordinate engagement of attorney to file suit
  • Assist attorney in management of lawsuit
  • Present case during informal resolution meetings
  • Provide expert witness testimony during trial (many of our representatives are qualified as expert witnesses in District and Federal Court)
  • Represent client in binding arbitration hearing
  • Assist in obtaining client’s tax refund after successful resolution

Victory Loves Company, Too. The Best Clients

“Southland’s representation efforts have resulted in significant property tax saving for our organization. Given the high visibility of Texas Rangers Baseball, property tax assessments are a sensitive issue. The Southland tax organization has been able to obtain reasonable property assessments, in a professional manner, on the Ranger’s real and personal property.”

– John McMichael
Executive Vice President, Business Operations
Southwest Sports Group

“The best and most important measure of a job is the amount of money Southland has saved, which at this point in time exceeds $500,000.”

– Joseph H. Pangburn, Regional Portfolio Manager
Prentiss Properties Limited, Inc.