• Tax abatement and exemption consultation
  • Real estate valuation analysis
  • Business personal property compliance
  • Business personal property value analysis
  • Informal negotiation with appraisal districts
  • Filing of necessary appeal documents
  • Formal presentation before appraisal review board
  • Respond to taxing jurisdictions requests
  • Ad valorem tax litigation consultation
  • Mid-year tax estimate summary
  • Preparation of final tax summary
  • Tax statement reconciliation
  • Pro Forma tax estimates for budget or cash flow analysis

Victory Loves Company, Too. The Best Clients

“Southland’s representation efforts have resulted in significant property tax saving for our organization. Given the high visibility of Texas Rangers Baseball, property tax assessments are a sensitive issue. The Southland tax organization has been able to obtain reasonable property assessments, in a professional manner, on the Ranger’s real and personal property.”

– John McMichael
Executive Vice President, Business Operations
Southwest Sports Group

“The best and most important measure of a job is the amount of money Southland has saved, which at this point in time exceeds $500,000.”

– Joseph H. Pangburn, Regional Portfolio Manager
Prentiss Properties Limited, Inc.