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Last Day! Call by 5pm to Protest Your Commercial Valuation

Commercial property owners, today is the deadline to file a protest with your respective appraisal district. If you waited until the last minute, it’s not a problem. For those of you who live in the State of Texas, call by 5pm today (Central Time) and we can help. You can reach our office at (817)335-7377, or toll free at (800)335-7745.

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Two Things to Know About Property Appraisals

While a number of factors can affect the appraised value of your property, commercial property owners need to be aware of two provisions. Appraisal districts are charged with appraising each property at its “Market Value” as of January 1st of each year. In addition, there is a provision in the Code that requires respective districts to appraise each property on …

Southland at Forecast

Southland Property Tax Attends The Forecast

We recently attended the 2018 Tarrant County Commercial Real Estate Forecast where industry experts discussed their respective visions for the year. While the future looks bright, there are some issues that could curtail growth down the road. For a recap of the event, please click here. Commercial property owners and investors see real growth opportunities in North Texas, but along …