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Last Day! Call by 5pm to Protest Your Commercial Valuation

Commercial property owners, today is the deadline to file a protest with your respective appraisal district. If you waited until the last minute, it’s not a problem. For those of you who live in the State of Texas, call by 5pm today (Central Time) and we can help. You can reach our office at (817)335-7377, or toll free at (800)335-7745.

Pocket Watch

Protest Deadline is May 15th

By now, most of you should have received your Commercial and Business Personal Property Value Notices. Most often, Notices of Appraised Value are sent only when your appraised value increases by $1,000 or more above the prior year’s value, or if a Rendition is filed. With the month of May zooming by, the time to act is short. The statutory …


Deadline to Render Business Personal Property is April 1st

Like real property, such as land, buildings, or other items attached to land, Business Personal Property (BPP) is taxable in the State of Texas, and is valued by your appraisal district. The deadline to render your BPP is April 1st. What is business personal property BPP includes, but is not limited to: equipment, furniture, fixtures, machinery, tools, copiers, cars, computers, …