May 31

Call by 5pm to Protest Your Commercial Valuation

With the Memorial Day holiday, I doubt many of you were thinking about your commercial property valuation. However, today is the deadline to file a protest with your respective appraisal district. If you waited until the last minute, it’s not a problem. For those of you who live in the State of Texas, call by 5pm today (Central Time) and …

Cityscape of Fort Worth

Tarrant Appraisal District: Property Tax Appraisals Increasing

At Southland Property Tax Consultants, Inc., we have been forecasting an increase in property tax appraisals in 2017.  Last week, Jeff Law, Tarrant Appraisal District Chief, echoed those sentiments.  The Star-Telegram spoke to Mr. Law, and I have attached a link to the article.