“We have come to rely on Southland because of their consistent professionalism, proactive customer service, and demonstrated ability to minimize our property taxes. In fact, last year Southland reduced our property tax liability by $1,130,560, which favorably impacted our bottom line. A reliable partner to HCMLP, Southland is highly regarded and recommended.”

– Scott Ellington
General Counsel
Highland Capital Management, L.P.

“Southland has been an excellent resource for ad valorem tax valuations on personal and client matters. They are very responsive, conscientious and cost effective.”

– Pollard Rogers
Managing Partner
Cantey & Hanger, LLP

“Through the successful efforts of Southland, our property tax liability has been significantly reduced. These reductions have favorably impacted our bottom line.”

– David L. Booth,
D.R. Horton Custom Homes

“It has been a great experience working with Southland over the past several years. Southland has cost effectively saved our company a substantial amount of money. My working relationship with them has afforded me the opportunity to concentrate my time on other areas of my business, because I trust Southland’s expertise. Their employees are friendly, courteous, very knowledgeable, and a pleasure to do business with.”

– John David Moritz,
Moritz Dealerships

“We consistently rely on the invaluable experience and knowledge of Southland’s professionals; they are a long time and valued partner of Southwest Bank. Southland is a proven leader in their field of expertise; they get results. For this reason, we highly recommend Southland to anyone in need of commercial property tax representation services.”

– Vernon Bryant
Chairman & CEO
Southwest Bank

“Southland provides commercial property tax representation services to many businesses that I’ve worked with over the past years. Southland’s representatives are experienced, professional and well prepared with the data necessary to defend and support their client’s cases.”

– Dee Kelly, Jr.
Managing Partner
Kelly Hart & Hallman, LLP

“During the last eight years, Southland saved my company $441,319, significantly reducing my annual expenses and increasing my net operating income. Their representatives are the best in the business and consistently provide best-in-class results. Southland is a valued and proven partner to me and my company.”

– Bruce W. Conti
Conti Properties

“Southland has succeeded in saving me, and many of my clients, time and money in dealing with the taxing authorities. Southland is the best in the business, and I refer my clients to them all the time. Don’t take it from me; my clients rave about the cost effective services Southland provides.”

–Brian D. Barnard
Managing Partner
Haynes and Boone, LLP

“We have utilized the services of Southland Property Tax Consultants for a number of years. Their expertise in the property tax arena is extensive. Just in the past two years, they have been successful in lowering our aggregate taxes by over $80,000.
The staff at Southland is a pleasure to work with. Their efforts relieve us from having to do the research and legwork to get our properties valued correctly. Their knowledge and effort in doing what they do, allows us to focus on what we do.
It is without reservation that I would recommend them for your property tax representation needs.”

–Jeff A. Wooley, CPA, Esq.
President / General Counsel
Allen Samuels Auto Group

“For the last ten years Lockheed Martin has realized significant property tax savings on its real and business personal property thanks to Southland. We are very satisfied.”

– W.D. Pass
Manager, Integration and Controls
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

“Every company we work with seeks ways to improve its bottom line. Southland has consistently provided our clients with property tax solutions, saving time and property taxes.”

– Todd Burnette
Managing Director
Jones Lang LaSalle

“By applying the latest appraisal and analysis techniques, Southland has played a major role in Bell’s cost-containment efforts.”

– Mike Honkomp
Director, Tax
Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.

“Southland never fails to provide my clients with immediate assistance delivered with the highest level of professionalism – and most important to my clients, Southland is very successful in their work as a property tax representative.”

– Phillip W. McCrury
Managing Partner
Shannon, Gracey, Ratliff & Miller, LLP

“Southland has consistently achieved outstanding results for our clients. Southland’s success in reducing property taxes enhances our ability to serve our clients with best-of-class services.”

– Bob Scully
Managing Director

“Southland is a vital part of our strategy to reduce our overall property tax liability. Utilizing their services, our company recognized over $150,000 in property tax savings in 2011 alone. Considering the size of our operations and the number of taxing jurisdictions in which we are subject, the service Southland provides also saves us countless man hours and allows us to focus on selling homes.”

– Brent Brewer
Assistant Controller
Lennar Homes

“I have worked with Southland Property Tax Consultants, Inc. (Southland) for several years, as both a professional resource and in a client capacity. Our firm has used Southland as a property tax resource when we have a question, and we have retained the Company to service not only our property tax needs but those of several of our clients. The service level is unsurpassed and the technical knowledge and understanding of how the property tax administrative system functions is extraordinary. Whenever one of our clients has a property tax need, there is only one answer for us – Southland.”

– Mark L. Walton, CPA
Mira Vista Country Club

“Southland’s representation efforts have resulted in significant property tax saving for our organization. Given the high visibility of Texas Rangers Baseball, property tax assessments are a sensitive issue. The Southland tax organization has been able to obtain reasonable property assessments, in a professional manner, on the Rangers real and personal property.”

– John McMichael
Executive Vice President, Business Operations
Southwest Sports Group

“I have appreciated your services for years and hope to be working together in the future. Thank you for your follow-through which is lacking in today’s business. I have been frustrated with so many vendors promising the world to get the business, and then I am left in the cold when I need them. Southland has always been there and taken care of my account. I appreciate that very much.”

– Matthew Baumueller
Lamplighter Communities, LP.

“Southland has handled the reduction and tax savings of 38 properties at a total value reduction of $117,788,699, for a tax savings of $1,922,267 – from our point-of-view, a substantial accomplishment.”

– Richard E. Blough
First Vice President
Michigan National Bank.

“The best and most important measure of a job is the amount of money Southland has saved, which at this point in time exceeds $500,000.”

– Joseph H. Pangburn
Regional Portfolio Manager
Prentiss Properties Limited, Inc.

“Southland’s success in reducing our clients’ property taxes has enhanced the benefits we provide our clients as a commercial property management and corporate facilities management company.”

– Fredrick J. Meno, CPM, RPA, CSM
Woodmont Property Management Company

For the last ten years Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company has realized significant property tax savings on its real and business personal property due to Southland’s ability to successfully negotiate reasonable assessments. We are very satisfied with the service Southland has provided to your company.”

– W.D. Pass, Manager, Integration and Controls
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company