Texas Jobless Rate Drops in September

Despite the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, the Texas unemployment rate is down to 4 percent, falling for the 5th straight month.

As you can imagine, the Houston and Gulf Coast areas suffered a number of job losses. But those losses were more than offset by job growth in other areas around the state. In fact, job creation occurred in seven of 11 major employment sectors over the year.

Fort Worth/Arlington saw their number drop as well – the unemployment rate is currently at 3.4 percent down from 3.9 percent in August. While that’s an amazing number, Amarillo, Midland, Austin/Round Rock, College Station/Bryan, and Lubbock all have jobless rates below 3 percent.

Overall, the national unemployment rate fell to 4.2 percent. The U.S. Labor Department stated that the number of Americans collecting unemployment benefits fell to the lowest level since Richard Nixon was president.